Laminating Adhesives

Also called : Transfer adhesives

It is a thin layer of adhesive applied on the separation layer.

It is in some cases reinforced with mesh, cellulose film, non wovens or foils. Laminating adhesives are available in a roll or in a sheet.

  • Available width: 10 – 1800mm
  • Adhesive layer: 50 – 230µ
  • Separation layer: silicone paper or foil
  • Types of adhesives: Acrylic, Rubber
  • Suitable for cold or heat application
  • Heat resistant (up to 200 ° C)

Laminating adhesives are used in a production of self-adhesive sandwiches. It goes like this: thanks to the laminator the adhesive layer is transferred to the desired material, which will thus become self-adhesive.

It is possible to further continue with carving or cutting with a knife, laser, water jet.