Often also called: Release liner, liner, silicone

Silicon foils are foils that are prepared in production especially for applying the silicone.

The most common types of basic foils:

PET (10 – 125µ)

BOPET (23 – 190µ)

LDPE (20 – 200µ)

HDPE (20 – 200µ)

PP (20 – 200µ)

Embossed foils – Foils with regulated adhesion Foils with fluoro silicone (suitable for silicone glues)

Silicon foils are often used for their strength, chemically-resistant and optical properties like: Non-stick layer for protection of the glue on adhesive tapes, labels, stickers and for applications where paper is inappropriate material. The backup pad for self-adhesive foils and other sandwiches intended for plotting, cutting, or lasing. Separative and slip resistant layer between the adhesive surfaces, mixtures, bitumen, rubber and so on. Protection of molding machines and other technological equipment in the case that there is a risk of overflow of rubber adhesives, resins, plastics, etc.